Devotion Zakar Orange Blue Dress

SKU: 020344G M

Devotion is a sustainable brand from Greece, with all garments made in Athens from 100% cotton. They have a unique silhouette and style and are truly pieces to be treasured.


Zakar Short dress is higher at the front and th back, giving a lovely silhouette. It os very roomy and easy to throw on, the Greek cotton is cool to wear in the heat. Boho style personified! Wear with glamorous flats, or throw on some heels and you are ready for the beach bars!


This dress is generous and easily up to a size 16  in size M. The design of the devotion range is such that on smaller sizes the fabric hangs and drapes to give a flexible silhouette. They are made to be roomy.


100% cotton

Devotion is designed to be oversized.

3/4 Sleeves

Weave detail.


Devotion is a Greek fashion brand founded by Athina Parnasa and is committed to sustainability.

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